Saturday, February 26, 2011

2 – A Third Way

A third way is not simply the first way and the second way jammed together in an awkward and uncomfortable merger, but hopefully something else altogether — something new, something we have never thought before. Once windows and doors have been tried,— heat ducts, sewer pipes. A third way will leave us on the streets, enough food to feed you. A song, a third a half a whole quarter: call forth, go in, prove to be the lucky one.

Begin with these three words: the way begins. A third way is a giving way, to take us that way means making way for some other. A third eye.

I thought they would go on forever. I search in vain, accomplishing nothing, sharing sounds of silent treatment on deaf ears. Conceived in a dream, a third way invented by a monkey playing an accordion.

Jacob Wren, Andréa Ledding, Douglas Barbour, Todd Bruce, Linda Steer, Andrew Topel, Penn Kemp, Alice Robinson, Gary Barwin, Natalee Caple, Joan Guenther, Catherine Heard, Kim O’Gorman, Kathleen Betts, Harold Renisch, Kateri Lanthier

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