Monday, February 21, 2011

11 – Left Unprotected Power

power lines start to smile

lose its power

turn to rust

no longer

held the action of others

in the corner, power throws a tantrum

no one appears

power hears silence

for the first time

power exists in order to protect itself

law, justice morph into


power goes out

candles at the ready

power weakens

sparks, lunges, and exits

creates and destroys

left unprotected, power left

power spills its guts

sleeps ‘til 11

finds new protections

should be unplugged

protects no one

fluent power

leaves us unprotected

gropes in the dark

whimpers in fear

I say, power down

have a good cry

power is shocking

turn it off

power picks up the children

power dissolves in a puddle

vacuums fill full of our fears

left unprotected, power isn’t

Jacob McArthur Mooney, Jamie Reid, Lynn McClory, Andre Bouchard, Catherine Heard, Kateri Lanthier, Jamie Reid, Todd Bruce, Warren Dean Fulton, Shirley M. Bear, Linda Steer, Gary Barwin , Glenn Robson, Cris Costa, Jacob Wren, Judith Copithorne, Douglas Barbour, Kevin McPherson Eckhoff, John Moore Williams, Catherine Heard, Kathleen Betts, Natalee Caple, Joseph Brown, Pam Edwards, Brian Bartlett, Nicole Collins, Priscilla Brett, Michelle Mackay

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