Sunday, February 13, 2011

18 – I Became Illegal

because it was boring
when others like me gathered
the police put on the kettle in the rain
they told me I wasn’t here anymore

illogical, illness filled me
I became illegal in 48 states
“how wonderful for you”

the day Facebook stole the rights to my
it started to rain
the heart of my social insecurity
the day I learned

I became illegal but remained irresistible
I am cocaine, heroin, ecstasy
I will lead you to perdition

when Gregory Betts made me
I began to dance, my bones like weapons
it seemed logical, a birth
my soul turned inward countries

illegal for
when I
when I plagiarized Vanessa Place
I tolerated other people

a birth
a conception
those that lead told me
I wrote this line
borrowed, borrowed
for the endorphins

I became illegal quick
as it was pre-ordained
and it was me

Vanessa Place, Gary Barwin, Kateri Lanthier, Ralph Kolewe, Andrew Topel, Joseph Brown, Natalee Caple, Priscilla Brett, Satu Kaikkonen, Todd Bruce, Jamie Reid, Brian Bartlett, Catherine Heard, Laurie Anne Fuhr, John Moore Williams, Judith Copithorne, Kim O’Gorman, Alice Robinson, Catherine M. Bennett, Miekal And, David Flieger, Nicole Collins, Pearl Pirie, Andréa Ledding, Tanis MacDonald, Warren Dean Fulton

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