Thursday, February 10, 2011

19 – Learning That Power

power is alive and within us

though absolute

power corrupts tools

avatars of real power

walking teaches corruption is real

strength equals multiple illusions

like law, has nothing, means much more

is more becoming on others

learning that power should have responsibility

is billed by the kilo-watt hour

can be discerned from what a person is wearing

power should be shut off

is the rate at which work is performed

is not a means it is politics on CBC

power only corrupts when we fear that power

instead of this one

power surges and illuminates

fries the wires


is relative


up with a shiveree

gone stratospheric

Jacob Wren, Priscilla Brett, Gary Barwin, Tanis MacDonald, Bryne Helen Lewis, Nick Treanor, Andrew Topel, Todd Bruce, Brian Bartlett, Natalee Caple, Warren Dean Fulton, Ralph Kolewe, Pablo da Vinci, Gordon McFarlane, Tom Cull, Catherine Heard, Amanda Earl, Gwen MacGregor, Pearl Pirie

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