Saturday, February 26, 2011

9 – Of Post-Industrial Transnationalism

Dickens often spoke
of animals, Id, art, lust

some countries have more than others
and national, we bifurcate dogma

the migrating Monarch butterflies know
migrating Monarch butterflies
pre-industrial dust
of a country for old men

the globe as village
as goldfish bowl

we sing somnambulant
of post-industrial transnationalism
and its chances for transubstantiation

the Pope has declined

short-sighted movements were eclipsed
by dance, revolution
constructions teetering skyward to infinity

we sing in
our usual tone-deaf élan
of a post-breakfast champion

Todd Bruce, Natalee Caple, Jamie Reid, Kathleen Betts, Leslie Ambedian, Brian Bartlett, Kateri Lanthier, Shannon Maguire, Gary Barwin, Amanda Earl, John Moore Williams, Andréa Ledding, Catherine Heard, Michelle Mackay, Warren Dean Fulton, Steven Robert Morrison

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