Saturday, February 26, 2011

7 – Into the Shadow

Into the shadow

another shadow

in the shadow

bad boy


and out of the abyss of depression

cloaked for fear of the truth

shadow swim memory fish

dove to get the light

out of the grave

the shadow brandishing

we go

just beyond vision

a shadow being

grief’s remains

into the shadow


walk north at noon

bodies go out of style

a crab scuttles out of the light

into the shadow

went into the shadow

the shadow turns

a lovely lady, hair of gold

the mother of the valley of death

a table with oil

my cup runneth over

into the shadow

colours still distinguishable



can you name the woman?

her lover is not near

the death of the still

light behind is impossible

my secrets scurried


into the shadow came the people,

the air, the ground, the sun, the universe

where I know what lurks in the heart

into the shadow I step

knowing not, caring not,


Jacob Wren, Natalee Caple, Miekal And, Susan Christian, Maria Damon, Todd Bruce, Tanis MacDonald, Jordan Frye, Kathleen Betts, Douglas Barbour, Warren Dean Fulton, Jamie Reid, Brian Bartlett, Alice Robinson, Lynn McClory, rob mclennan, Catherine Heard, Pearl Pirie, Sharon Honywill-Haddow, Jacqui Mc Menamin, Pam Edwards, Andréa Ledding, Nicolas Béaud, Andrew Topel, Kateri Lanthier, Joseph Brown, Kim O’Gorman

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