Sunday, February 13, 2011

17 – Property Rights Stop

property rights stop

property wrongs begin

privacy rights begin

at the marsh

where frogs and herons reign

the use of the shoreline

free movement

just stop



at a line in the sand


anarchy reigns

I tent

stop money stop

at the ocean


invisible lines in the water

hitting me in the shins

property rights belong to poverty

human rights yield a beating heart

land overflows with

microbial, avian, minute mammalian

skittering slithering, stealthy

what has happened?

where did it all go wrong?

Natalee Caple, Pearl Pirie, Andre Bouchard, Brian Bartlett, Jamie Reid, Ralph Kolewe, Priscilla Brett, Catherine Heard, Lynn McClory, Vanessa Place, Linda Steer, Tanis MacDonald, Roland Prevost, Sean Braune, Gary Barwin, Lauren Corman, Kateri Lanthier, Warren Dean Fulton

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