Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Exquisite Corp. 220 is now available for download (pdf).

Unfortunately, due to the very subjective nature of poetry and the difficulty of even defining the word "poem", we do not consider any claims for poetry

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Exquisite Corp. 220 tracks the mutation from harvesting personal data for profit unconsciously (by Facebook) to inviting personal participation for poetry consciously (by the 3words/poem project). The short story, which literally grows, mutates, out of the deleterious Facebook copyright policy, responds to the media coverage of events in Toronto leading up to the G8 and G20 summits in July 2010. Parts of the story were printed out and posted around Toronto during the G20 protests by people associated with the Poetic Interventions Project (h/t Shannon Maguire). The poems that follow were written on Facebook by the people above in response to status updates with three words per poem from the original story. The photos were by Laurie D. Graham. The numbers in the titles of each poem correspond to the number of people who contributed.

Samples of the project were previously published by derek beaulieu's NO Press and Warren Dean Fulton's Pooka Press.

A conversation on Wax Poetic / Vancouver Co-op Radio about the "Three Words Per Poem" project: 27 April 2011 https://archive.org/details/WaxPoeticApril27thWithGregoryBetts