Saturday, February 19, 2011

12 – Surges Against Bodies

sutures pull tight

the wave, a nickel, some stars

wind signs the coming

citizenship of Egypt

racing towards each other

like hacksaws sleuthing

souls in a storm

salt sweat sea

the lightening electric

full metal armour

living anthracite overwhelms

hair standing on static

quivering seeing you



I fucking hate this

mosh pit

surges against bodies

the Hardy boys cold fusion

cuddle puddle

only in a sheet –

petition the mind –

send reinforcements

Bryne Helen Lewis, Linda Steer, Ted Betts, Warren Dean Fulton, Roger Hanna, Kathleen Betts, Catherine Heard, Andréa Ledding, Ralph Kolewe, Sean Braune, Jacob Wren, Natalee Caple, Joan Guenther, Mat Laporte

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