Thursday, February 10, 2011

18 – Documents Being Processed

documents being processed should be no cause for celebration

while U wait don’t hold yUr breath

is a polite way to say ‘kidding’

joking clueless funny naïve

in carbon triplicate betwixt and between

passing toward the shredder

documents may appear closer than they are

but no longer turn our fingers Gestestner-passive

voice in the food processor

the word processer scrounged stipends

in the digestive system of bureaucracy

get eliminated in the end, subject

to the general rule of garbage in garbage out

documents being processed cheese

might with olive oil

be a tad more palatable

documents by monkeys

handled by TAs

as the prof works on your breath

through the shredding machine

minced and meted

the last train parks

the airport deserted

the river rising

documents are no longer documents

your hand cramps

you drop dead

processes being documented

through governmental order 1479846

failure to comply will be documented

subject to verification

after 6pm

and processes being documented

and beings being beings

Miekal And, Vanessa Place, Diane Schoemperlen, Ted Betts, Catherine Heard, Tanis MacDonald, Brian Bartlett, Tom Cull, Maria Damon, Kevin Mcpherson Eckhoff, Andréa Ledding, Jamie Reid, Gary Barwin, Andrea Ryer, Todd Bruce, Linda Steer, Joseph Brown, Nicole Collins, Nicolas Béaud, Kateri Lanthier, Jacob Wren, Kristen Peterson, Rob Sutherland, Natalee Caple, Bruce Eckhoff, Warren Dean Fulton, Blueorangepublishing Ceret, Amanda Earl

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