Sunday, February 6, 2011

20 – Proof Commands Submission

suspicion, report, reprimand

a Jean Chretien proof

is a good proof

because its proven

lock, stock, and a baby unicorn

I transfer them to the red light

there’s no safeword

you learn your submission commands

defiance deletion

welcome to kindergarten

proof? demand proof?

the left, the right

who’s good?

proof sounds simple

submission commands an untruth

demands suspicion

commands supposition

a periscope of the self

with little between them

commands are recurring items

on my shopping list

one day, the dogs are gonna rise


sadomasochistic submission

Catherine Heard, Kathleen Betts, Bryne Helen Lewis, Natalee Caple, Todd Bruce, Andréa Ledding, Jacob Wren, Siobhan O’Flynn, Kateri Lanthier, Douglas Barbour, Ralph Kolewe, Vanessa Place, Linda Steer, Priscilla Brett, Kim O’Gorman, Warren Dean Fulton, Laurie Anne Fuhr, Amanda Earl, Gary Barwin, John Moore Williams

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