Saturday, February 26, 2011

4 – Savvy, I turn

I turn you on to
my attention
to the convictions
that brought me
to this

gold in clean air
tears in water
ink in earth

I turn eyeful
the end of these sentences
toward hurts – please –
turn a phrase upon others
turn cold when martial law
turns heel on floor.

I turn towards the end
Sauvignon Blanc in hand
my head totally around
turn turtle to the left.

I turn into the thing
I’ve always feared: savvy,

the world in on itself
turns slowly, step by step
upon the point of this pin.

I French I English
I a Canadian pumpkin
turn the world on with my smile
and catch in my refracted eye
the shadow of uncertainty
and turn and turn and turn and turn

Todd Bruce, Susan Stach Anderson, Kateri Lanthier, Pearl Pirie, Gary Barwin, Ted Betts, Glenn Robson, Jamie Reid, Priscilla Brett, Catherine Heard, Brian Bartlett, Amanda Earl, Sharon Honywill-Haddow, Kit Dobson, Andrew Topel, Warren Dean Fulton, Kemeny Babineau, Andréa Ledding, Joseph Brown, Linda Steer, Kim O’Gorman, Jacob Wren

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