Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 – Through this fence

through this fence

all light is bent

I thee wed

another fence

I whisper –

what are you

trying to keep out?

the slim weasel escapes

the water lilies grow

we flock

thinking moonlight slants

line across the gravelled yard

found, we convert stolen gods

into poetry, true writers

are thieves

peer, wonder, fear, doubt

through this fence mending relations

restored regrets

noir noir comme le jour

push your heart to me

I press

through this fence

my friend

can you sense my brown eyes and cigarettes?

ripe grapes spoiling on the vines

the grass appears

lies common sense

through this fence

en garde

crawl seeking

any kind of happenstance

I watch the world go by

we go

shafts of gold

Kees Kapteyn, Tanis MacDonald, Chris Banks, Todd Bruce, Brian Bartlett, Shannon Maguire, Kateri Lanthier, Catherine Heard, Pearl Pirie, Andréa Ledding, Shawn Shipman, Joan Guenther, Linda Steer, Nicole Collins, Kim O’Gorman, Kathleen Betts, Pam Edwards, Susan Shone, Jacob Wren, a.rawlings, Jamie Reid, Alice Robinson, Penn Kemp, Mora Gregg


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    GO, Gregory! Great!