Saturday, February 19, 2011

13 – Intentions are Reset

intentions show up unexpectedly
intentions made to think
in Egypt

government blows the
fuses of people

I mean regrets
poke there
and reset again
the moment buckles
at the earliest opportunity

the crowd calls for the emperor
never recovered

the road everywhere
pressing the nib of your pen

be aware

I love you

let’s take expectations unmet
promises forgiven
intentions reset

intentions end sentence
after the stubbing to zero

reset, led, relocated by actions

Nick Treanor, Bre Walt, Jacob Wren, Gary Barwin, Stuart Ross, Andrew Topel, Maria Damon, Christine McNair, Natalee Caple, Todd Bruce, Jamie Reid, Priscilla Brett, Kateri Lanthier, Barbara Hunt, Andréa Ledding, Nicholas Béaud, Kathleen Betts, Amanda Earl, Catharine Heard, Victor Coleman, Brian Bartlett, Warren Dean Fulton

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