Saturday, February 19, 2011

14 – Time to Try

get up, make breakfast

children, there’s nothing fair about justice

the patience of

an American fat-burning

dredging the river, corpse sniffing dogs

untying time

trying a new

look at the ones you love

that new definition of art project

out, again

time to try to move to Canada

try something new where you are

try everything

just be nice to each other

push the camel through the eye

of tears, trying times

time to try crime

to stand in concert

crime to fry meat

Troy listening

try this set of wings

let the young take charge

desperate measures

to live, try again again

JA Weingarten, Andréa Ledding, Todd Bruce, Catherine Heard, Andrew Topel, Alison Starkey, Brian Bartlett, Tanis MacDonald, Ted Betts, Douglas Barbour, Rhea McCarrol, Natalee Caple, John Moore Williams, Kathleen Betts, Kateri Lanthier, Gary Barwin, Pearl Pirie, Amanda Earl, Andre Rodrigues, Kemeny Babineau, Jacob Wren, Priscilla Brett, Allison Sekuler, Warren Dean Fulton

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