Saturday, February 26, 2011

5 – Lines into Wires

zap good reset

spaghetti in pot

me wondering telegraph

the highway driven

home lines wire

the physical infrastructure

the internet me

short notice lions

tremble into sleep

whines into liars

desire, desire, desire

and how liars spark

the circuit text

a woven tapestry

post-Heideggarian exclaim

the poem spread

wires into ears

into hammers anvils

mucus connective crevasses

conduct vibrations brain

the wires live

eliding writhe stet

enjambing keeps soldering

hidden wires into

song cuts the

heart into strips

make the connections

wires into lyres

and liars into

the Spring, spark

lip frayed end

outliers into flatterers

begat wires to

bolts switch lightning

I need metaverse

the strip hack

your channels

into lines

Pearl Pirie, Tim Posgate, Bryne Helen Lewis, Jacob Wren, Amanda Earl, Natalee Caple, Andréa Ledding, Linda Steer, Kathleen Betts, Roland Prevost, Todd Bruce, Warren Dean Fulton, Jamie Reid, John Moore Williams, Brian Bartlett, Nicole Collins, Lauren Corman, Tanis MacDonald, Yvonne Trainer, Sharon Honywill-Haddow, R.P. MacIntyre, Susan Christian, Ralph Kolewe, Kateri Lanthier, Kim O’Gorman, Priscilla Brett, Joseph Brown

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