Saturday, March 5, 2011

1 – I’m looking for

my blood, again

I’m looking forward
an end to this sentence
for love, but I still haven’t found
a place to happen
a thesis statement
a chipped pretty picture
of sunshine and warmth
please, I’m looking, I lack

I’m looking minute
I’m looking for more
passion in home
the horizon line, the bottom of the well
temps perdu, my bearings

someone fill     the blanks
between      lines
in     story of my life

a jewel encrusted hawk
slaying a wren in flight: a frieze – a sky burial
a hawk and a handsaw
a lifetime of inspiration

I’m looking for love, you idiot
an end to this business
one more one hundred
myself in the mirror
the right question to my answer

spots of sunlight
things shine
despite this forestry
force’s fortress

that gold watch my other gave me
someone who really gets it
we can all get it but
I’m looking forward

those signs read
you are here
I found I
a bank with too many splinters
for words to dare enter

the place where I departed
when I find it
I’ll kiss you something to see

the end I’m looking for
searching for
yearning for
an answer
a solution, resolution
a long lost friend
my insanity, I seem to have
a long lost friend
my sanity, a strong tossed thread
a heart of gold

I’m looking for life’s secret decoder ring
the ward in forward, its dress code
of wrap-around white
I’m looking fortunate

Catherine Heard, Amanda Earl, Nicole Collins, Jacob Wren, Lisa Betts, JA Weingarten, Lauren Corman, Pam Edwards, Douglas Barbour, Nick Treanor, Carmen Racovitza, Kateri Lanthier, Priscilla Brett, Todd Bruce, Lynn McClory, Kinga Jakab, Susan Christian, Ted Betts, James Depew, Allison Sekuler, Alice Robinson, Warren Dean Fulton, Jeff Carpenter, Kathleen Betts, Andrew Topel, Sharon Honywill-Haddow, Pearl Pirie, Natalee Caple, James Yeary, Josephn Brown, Kim O’Gorman, Andréa Ledding, Linda Steer, Penn Kemp, Laurie Anne Fuhr

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