Saturday, March 5, 2011

52 – Open and Unfettered

chains upon the ground
a way out
won’t be found

or locked and chained
a hard-swallow
gulp next

discarded characters on the ground
waiting to be used
by an unlettered society

the Tibetan loses himself
to oneness and zeroness
writes his self-elegy

they embrace each other
with abandon
became slaves of passion

a con, a shell game, an illusion
folding unencumbered
from the heavy obstructed lines
design without function

open and unfettered
often and under-prepared
inconceivable overspending
on the G20 travesty

anxious and unlettered
useless floating in October wind

Priscilla Brett, Kathleen Betts, Andréa Ledding, Warren Dean Fulton, Brian Bartlett, Tobey C. Anderson, Pearl Pirie, Rob Budde, John Barlow, Siobhan O’Flynn, Gary Barwin, Joseph Brown, Alice Robinson

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