Saturday, March 5, 2011

G60 – Write Songs Against

write songs against the wind
songwriters, the back of your guitar
your lover, the smile
the tiny breath suppressed

write songs against singing; then sing
again against ebony backgrounds
gaining on the quickly yellowing paper

write a fist
songs don’t succeed
sing songs against

write songs against poetry
the last round song
the synaptic curve of melody
the parallel parting of harmony
the reflexive arc of rhythm
the righteous round of rhyme
the arctic talk of time
the wavy groove of sound
the thump thump thump of the jackhammer
breaking up the street
time’s twenty four hours
sliding high

write songs against stall walls
the wrong sites
against rhyme and common sense
the heels of mud-soaked-sun-dried sandals
the curtains waffling in the breeze
against the grain, sand them lightly, apply a coat of shellac
and then rendition

against the status quo of status updates
anti-G20 police propaganda
songs irrelevant
songs against the machine
the forever final straw that keeps
the Right doing wrong

write songs against a ribbon for urinary infection
a yellow ribbon
up against the old oak tree
against all odds

Vanessa Place, Maria Damon, Amanda Earl, Linda Steer, Gary Barwin, Andrew Topel, Alice Robinson, Andrew Topel, Brian Bartlett, Slim Volumes, Catharine Heard, Jamie Reid, Slim Volumes, Kristen Peterson, Kathleen Betts, Tobey C. Anderson, Rob Budde, Pearl Pirie, Jami Kali, Nick Treanor, Warren Dean Fulton, Slim Volumes

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