Friday, July 30, 2010

G81 – One can Escape

one can escape...
and two can too

one can Escape Key press,
Control Key stress,
but not find keys
when you need.

but it takes courage.
but can never forget.
can’t one?
from purgatory, but not from hell.
pooping the landscape
only but for a moment.

one can escape
two bottle addiction.

one can escape
if you have a fast helicopter
and die of boredom,
raised in a lion's den,
oneself, but not one's demons.

one can escaped,
the other can didn't.

one can escape the Riddler,
but that does not make one the Batman.

Donato Mancini, Nick Traynor, Pearl Pirie, Sharon Honeywill-Haddow, Keri Cronin, Amanda Earl, Catherine Heard, Maurice Burford, Andrew Topel, Meredith Grant, Laurie Damon Boese, Lynn McClory, Geoff Smith, Lori D. Roadhouse Haney, Kim Goldberg, Joseph Brown

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