Sunday, August 1, 2010

G80 – I Know No

I know no banned bands ate eight charred chards, green lights or stylish mathematics or hyperbolic gemstones or unconditional apathy or metaphysical longing or abstract catharsis or infrequent downsizing or languishing topography or symbiotic disharmony or photographic pavement or fatal reference or catastrophic reverence...

I know no nice one Paul Knots, Noh.

I know no clocks knock law which undermines the rights to speak freely and carry a big gun, no greater joy than love, nor greater pain than passion along this path tonight was the first word I learned.

I know no gnomes from Nome who need nod for nought; the unknown is not now but near, and new.

I know of no one named Shirley today, eye, reason, or reasonable solution, raison d'etre, domino dunno like those of plateaued bonobos, no like my no, norms for knockwurst.

I know no drag queen named "Belinda" officer. Now like what I now know; I now know no now like what now I know.

I know no Bob on Wonki, the tropical island paradise.

I know no Nota Bene.

Paul Vermeersch Linda Steer Neil Hennessy, Catherine Heard, Angela Rawlings, Lynn McClory, Joseph Brown, Priscilla Brett, Andrew Topel, Nick Traynor, Andréa Ledding, Natalie Caple, Douglas Barbour, Sheila Murphy, Donna Szoke, Gary Barwin, Nadine Flagel

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