Saturday, August 21, 2010

G70 – Slogans on Signs

Slogans on signs
are like words on thick paper,
are slippery when wet,
taste better than cake
like a trampstamp on a Detroit bartender.

But guns as signifiers
are traffic hazards
mutter and nag
from the windows of the towers,
and the lush lawns of the suburbs.

Slog across in sighs,
read: sngis no snagols.

Reflection on fire,
whiskers on kittens.

My favourite
slogans on signs
swirl into my sight,
sing “songs sans lingo”
into the night.

Ted Betts, Susan Barbour, Shannon Maguire, Priscilla Brett, Gary Barwin, Susan Shone, Kaye Watson, Catherine Heard, Mark Laliberte, Andrew Topel, Rob Budde, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Robin Moses

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