Wednesday, August 11, 2010

G75 – In a gasmask

With mismatching damask suit set dress,
Alice set off to find a plunger to unplug some rabbit holes,
memory, details drawn in dragged breaths –
the outside world doesn't have to breath us.

The new father started to change the
masked gas, asking gaskets, a task breath
recirculated and recycled endlessly.

You don't get the clouds, only the rain
can't tell who the gas is
asking questions
comfortably confined in a bubble of your own air.

In a gasmask
nobody know you're a dog.

A tisket, a tasket, and a green and yellow gasket,
refine your pores and freshen your skin
mask how gassed your guest gets;
the masses won't be aghast at the mess.

Pearl Pirie, Bryne Helen Lewis, Gary Barwin, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Andrew Topel, Catherine Heard, Slim Volumes, Rob Budde, Joseph Brown, Amy Lavender Harris, Nadine Flagel, Andréa Ledding

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