Tuesday, August 17, 2010

G72 – And Smash Windows

Like in Pleasantville before ordinances
of good conduct took nodded effect

without first looking through
those glass people living in stone houses:

and smash windows for that's what windows are for,
part of the wave of "unreported crimes".

As if they kept out the inside.

For the pleasure of shatter,
to see yourself in several shards, a myriad of personalities,
for want of a door,
to get over it,
to mimic the stars.

“And smash windows...” she said, as an afterthought, because she liked being asked to testify, enjoyed having everyone’s eyes and ears fixated just on her; not that it was the truth, of course, but what would a little white lie like this one matter in a case where everyone knew Johnny McCarthy did it.

With a boot, or a brick,
or the heft of the chains that taunt you.
Kristallnacht to break the banks with a flower,
like Pipilotti Rist in that cool video.

To make the rich pay,
to wake up the middle class,
to serve social justice and progress,
to find the way inside the building,
to let the fort go,
to build the future
and books and knives and other pointed objects.

Once more answering the call of that dark
force lying deep in the heart of everyman,
the desire to maim, destroy, ravage and make someone pay.

To hide the bullet hole: smash windows.
Instead of using windex: smash windows.
Because the wind wants a better view: smash windows.
Doors aren't for c-section babies.

And smash windows.
And wash sinews.

Pearl Pirie, Bryne Helen Lewis, Warren Dean Fulton, Brenda Schmidt, Ted Betts, Gary Barwin, Amanda Earl, Alice Robinson, Jamie Reid, Domenico Capilongo, James Dewar, Carmel Purkis, Catherine Heard, Linda Steer, Nadine Flagel, Andréa Ledding, Andrew Topel

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