Friday, August 13, 2010

G74 – Front line police

are persons empowered to compromise the law,
seize property, incite civil disorder,
take the bullets,
front line police?

front line police
murdered Oscar Grant;
most try their best . . . most are automated.

find lice, a fine-tooth comb, a typo in the status.
front line police wear their masks to keep peace;
fingers on triggers they tell us to freeze,
pepper spray flying, they never say please, on, in

front line police
backdoor politics
are each other.

line dancing: this sentences,
these mistake
sing the chorus
“love polices to pieces”
chew gubble bum.

Catherine Heard, Teresa Carmody, Stephen Voyce, Sharon Honeywill-Haddow, Rob Budde, Nadine Flagel, Andréa Ledding, Andrew Topel, Priscilla Brett, Pearl Pirie, Gary Barwin, Slim Volumes

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  1. Anonymous13.8.10

    Enjoyed the project, love the poem, but Nick Offbeat is merely curator of the museum that is Slim Volumes. He does not speak for himself.