Monday, August 30, 2010

G66 – The Possibility Of

Infinite-dimensional cats napping
while butterflies play horseshoes
on billiard tables, watching
the waves slap onto the beach
from dawn to dusk without
ever lifting your eyes away.

WASPs shouting BINGO
is nigh impossibility
is inherent in the word, making it true.

Guffaws tittering is similar to the
time and earnestness
of finishing this sentence.

The possibility of speaking
until one arrives at the future,
ending what another started,
probability being greater
than 100%.

Sibilants: impossibility
is possible.

Successfully navigating an asteroid field
is approximately creating perpetual
motion machines
and gold from lead.

Warren Dean Fulton, Brian Bartlett, Harold Renisch, Ted Betts, Laurie Anne Fuhr, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Linda Steer, James Depew, Amanda Earl, Gary Barwin, Nick Treanor, Rob Budde, Lori D. Roadhouse Haney, Paul Vermeersch, Catherine Heard

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