Wednesday, September 1, 2010

G65 – I Believe In

I believe in
birthing and trafficking of books
before they are aborted
hurling tracts onto the pyres
in the streets –

the official account: you,
what the others lieve out.

I believe in God,
and I believe that God
believes in Claude,
that’s me,
that’s me conditional love.

But I also believe out.
The truth lies somewhere in

I believe in tigers wearing pink pajamas.
I believe in delusional beliefs.
Truth fairy toys come alive,
Santa brings toys to the Easter bunny,
chocolate eggs living until I die.

Being wary of believing,
I believe intelligent design
tells gents lies.

Out of
my faith fails the
fragmentation of perspective
as a means of
creating interesting word
strings, doubt.

The impossibility of the impossible
being realistically possible,
when one accepts that the impossible
are, in this world, possibly not possible.

Photosynthesis and the darkest cave,
the power of one, the power of many,
the future of yesterday:
what do you mean by believe?

Magic gathering in an Olympic theme song
for CTV that I heard every day
during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games.

Warren Dean Fulton, Brian Bartlett, Priscilla Brett, Nadine Flagel, James Depew, Bryne Helen Lewis, Pearl Pirie, Kaye Watson, Kim Goldberg, Catherine Heard, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Gary Barwin, Amanda Earl, Gary Thomas Morse

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