Saturday, September 18, 2010

G58 – We Write Together

We write together but read apart
or write apart but read together
teamwork, many more minds
at our disposal, our destinies.

Beginning with Om raksa
raksa hum
only when the moon is like
the shadow but read alone.

All too often
to streamline production,
we are the Borg.
You will be assimilated.

We live together, we love
together, we drink together, we
go our separate ways
together we are cursive:
for what else can we do?

We write together,
we left together,
and we’re write together.
We wrong together and
we’re wrong together
to gather ourselves.

We talk together,
we walk together
we cry and sleep together,
but I like to be alone
and fail together
and then we write together again.

We left together.
I didn’t see clear crossover
to split the parts.

We gather to write.
It may not be right, but
we left together
to split the difference,
to split the change,
no wrongs,
to split the infinitives
and run on the sentences,
left, left, left
words marching in-formation
or write off the page
playing with
language lego blocks.

Brian Bartlett, Warren Dean Fulton, Alice Robinson, Angela Genusa, Satu Kaikkonen, Christian Bök, Rob Budde, Warren Dean Fulton, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Gary Barwin, Alice Robinson, Sharon Honeywill-Haddow, Kathleen Betts, Christopher Taylor, Tobey C. Anderson, Amanda Earl, Penn Kemp, Jamie Reid, Catherine Heard


  1. Mm, particularly like that one.

  2. Thanks, Pearl -- me too!