Saturday, September 4, 2010

G64 – Something Outside Order

is a door, inside chaos, within ourselves
clacks its wings and zigzags out of sight
is needed
whistles seductively
not orders

a yellow-plumed bird
in the bare branches of winter.
day after day, something inside ardour
is around the corner, ordering
a scramble at the snafu dinner
like Sasquatch playing hide & seek
with a chupacabra & a saucer of
grey aliens

is in order
plays Knicky-Knicky-Nine doors
w/ the Establishment,
refuses to come in form the cold
even when invited
claws at my cerebral cortex,
marches to the beat of Keith Moon
a salad and a table with umbrella
a dragonfly in the Primordial soup

some order outside things
in order some things out
outsome things order in
insome things order out
in things some order out

green eggs and ham at the
drive thru window? All I saw
was tentacles. I told it that it
needed a car like everyone else.

taker, taking orders,
“I’ll have what she’s having.”
outright moonrises deed
humouring deed tortoises
riotous thermos deeding

odour in the court,
the judge yelled

Andrew Topel, Priscilla Brett, Brian Bartlett, Amanda Earl, Jamie Reid, Gary Barwin, Andréa Ledding, Slim Volumes, Robin Moses, Warren Dean Fulton, Lori D. Roadhouse Haney, Rob Budde, Kaye Watson, Kinga Jakab, Pearl Pirie

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