Tuesday, September 7, 2010

G63 – Uncover Something Irrevocable

carved into the side of
a mountain a Mac
for college

it uncovers you
as your vocals covet verse
epitaph to all things mutable

uncovered cable
found naked under cover
now I am without

like death
duvet covers, comforters
benefit beneficiaries
like a busted balloon
a wad of gum

naked in thunderstorms
lightening erection
as true as uncovering
Heideggerian truth

a comprehensive investigation
of your own epitaph
and then take it

excavate it.
bring it
to the surface. put it
on display like a carnival of oddit-
ies, and charge an admission to see it.

I excavated out of the carnival
on a ferris wheel something chocolate
covered with no centre, something darker
than the unknown, or midnight without a
moon, monkey paw, walking corpse;

now cover irrevocably and try
to undo it
like a wet knotted shoelace
when you were five

Catherine Heard, Vanessa Place, Roland Prevost, Andrew TOpel, Priscilla Brett, Slim Volumes, Amanda Earl, Warren Dean Fulton, Kristen Peterson, Robin Moses, Andréa Ledding, Andrew Waldie Porteus

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