Tuesday, September 14, 2010

G59 – Crippling All Order

or rippling all over
forms, the paper tried plying
the bones rearrange as slow hard
popcorn in the loose bag of
foot enshrined the fool
is that continuous
obedience and liberty

chaos begins its reign
a fluttering butterfly flitting struggling
inside this spider’s web of a nightmare
with one big devious smile
the superstring theory of everything
plays cat’s cradle with our universe
the ragweed made snot fly
through the ranks is the iggy pop universe
almost verbatim
-- do I pass?

crippling all order is not as politically correct
as person with order disability
shackled, we become
our own footnotes, a disabled Facebook account,
the agony ordering all cripples

the fractal complexity of the snowflakes
dissolved on the camera’s lens
turning landscape blurred plane

ripping the border, mortified
because we are sick of order,
the chaos stomped around on flat feet
the rippling caterpillar turns counted
hairs into uncountable juice
inside a chrysalis, trusting that
the random images
are condensing into a real body
like fries

Kit Dobson, Rob Budde, Pearl Pirie, Priscilla Brett, Warren Dean Fulton, Alice Robinson, Sharon Honywill-Haddow, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Maria Damon, James Depew, Joseph Brown, Kathleen Betts, Catherine Heard, Andrew Topel, Amanda Earl, Brian Bartlett, Terry Trowbridge

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