Sunday, September 12, 2010

G61 – Stumbling into Openness

I feel closed off.
Stumbling into openness,
I tripped on
and flattened
Hansel and Gretel,
already missed,
the night-dark woods,
ending the sentence.

The bee had never known
such ecstasy of the field,
tripped on some roots and branches.

The undesirable body
of the town drunk
blind hands seeking balance,
he bumps into invisible barriers,
assaulted by sundogs
and astonishing light.

I can see the most minute details –
the midges hovering in the air,
the heat rising off the rocks,
the atoms jittering –
barely holding together.

I tripped on an en
and fell flat on my ess.
Who left these language
blocks here?

Mumbling about phony governmental
gleaming bureaucratic prisons of paranoia,
hearts pounding like stone mallets,
I arrived into the world starving,
hysterical, naked, clumsy
collaborations, too much room
to explore through revolving doors
of perception, everything is infinite.

Stumbling into openness
closed his mind.

Joseph Brown, Pearl Pirie, Brian Bartlett, Terry Trowbridge, Amanda Earl, Warren Dean Fulton, Catherine Heard, Pearl Pirie, Alice Robinson, Kinga Jakab, Andrew Topel

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