Friday, August 27, 2010

G67 – A Third Way

on a straight path to a forked road
that leads nowhere, Robert Frost, who needs roads?

to train
your hand-raised
away from the fence

a third way has not yet
been opened
because nobody can find it

the search goes after oral and vaginal
a third way is mutual
is a highway away from anyway toward way to
get someone else to write your poems

tenth gate, a third eye seeing
attempts to reconcile those
tricky two-way streets & avenues of love
balances, confuses, enlightens

a third way is a cross street
is a path to hell paved with
a fourth dimension, a fifth of scotch,
and a path of least resistance

the poetics of constraint
is either lucky or unlucky
is made out of exhaustion
threads through the this and
that may not be identical to a third space

a third way is not, unfortunately, a three way
is a cross street, pissed
with the vinegar of its own misdirection,
vexed by i dunno indecision,
indigo indyvision, gottago imprecision
and hot salted idaho impotatos
or perhaps that's “idaho impetagos”

a third way is
I dunno
is not to be confused with a third eye

Priscilla Brett, Gary Barwin, Pearl Pirie, Elena Basile, Jamie Reid, Nick Treanor, Kathleen Betts, Slim Volumes, Warren Dean Fulton, Penn Kemp, Catherine Heard, Tom Cull, Robin Moses, Rob Budde, Nadine Flagel, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Brian Bartlett

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