Monday, August 23, 2010

G69 – I Write Witty

I write witty, oh so witty,
I write witty and
cheque people off when it’s sexist
but I talk dirty
and I write real good
but am not living up to my reputation.

Wild weird wonder
while walking west in my dreams,
but awake: less clever than it seems.
I'm sunk by bad rhyme schemes
in my genes, ditties, and limericks, too.

I write Witty every day
and she has never written back.

Punctuation into the flesh
placards a lot of the time,
but not right now,
but sing terribly and
pretty and wise.

Yet I cannot right wrongs.
I write witty bitty teeny
weeny whiny tiny poems,
wrinkles in folds of timely winks,
cul-de-sacs with my breakdancing
back and blow the sax
with my toe flaps

Mathew Timmons, Paul Vermeersch, Nick Treanor, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Maria Damon, Amanda Earl, Andrew Topel, Andréa Ledding, Catherine Heard, Robin Moses, Gary Barwin, Kaye Watson, Lauren Corman, Slim Volumes, Nadine Flagel, Tobey C. Anderson, Pearl Pirie, Penn Kemp

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