Saturday, July 3, 2010

#92 – Ending up Here

A king with no kingdom
a frayed rope
from five stories up
miles from the aisles of empty books
with rotting spines
without my jetpack
vertigo in my toes
as wannago rose

Ending up here was not what I had in mind
when I said I wanted to travel and see places

as if ‘there’ were not an end,
ending up here is quite discouraging
again, when she thought she had left so long ago,
was surprising, but not unwelcome,
made her angry as hell, and she let him know it.

Ending up here and there i was
after dark on a December evening
makes me remember how my Aunt Janice
used to complain about the winters
in Regina
nothing to show for myself but a smear

was not part of the plan

Ending up here to recover the goods,
but somehow that dame with her insidious cleavage
and cigarette smoke
had drawn me back
with one lousy phone call.

Ending up here
in the conversation
made my mind go blank.

Ending up here
isn't bad as starting down there.

Priscilla Brett, Bryne Helen Lewis, Jim Warner, Amanda Earl, Pearl Pirie, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Papa Tee, Gary Barwin, Linda Steer, Catherine Heard, Donna Szoke, Nadine Flagel, Laurie Anne Fuhr

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