Sunday, July 4, 2010

#91 Straight for Tyrants

Straight for tyrants
means never being the bottom.

Straight for tyrants
queer for lovers

Surged the demonstrators,
stopped by fences
swimmers foiled
the fake lake
the pulled plug
the jubilant royalists

swept towards
then past
the thug-bent among them.

Straight for tyrants
but hell bent
a stubborn heading
it runs
upon a course of doomed destiny
bent for the rest of us.

Straight for tyrants,
gay for rebels
such as Nero
a mien hard to affect
along a crooked road.

Straight for tyrants
reduces obliques and curves
in a tongue-tied state.

Paul Vermeersch, Linda Steer, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Pearl Pirie, Gary Barwin, Bryne Helen Lewis, Priscilla Brett, Douglas Barbour, Christian Bök, Papa Tee, Richard Olafson, Nadine Flagel, Andrew Topel

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