Tuesday, July 27, 2010

G82 – Two Lines Enter

Two lines enter the gates,
but once inside the park they
mingle into a single group of revellers,
their names in the drawing,
entertain meeting
enter a bar...
and refuse to leave.

One line leaves….
(And right now I’ve got two lines—
two lines with a gut full of fear.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
“dyin’ time’s here…”)

One was a fishing line
and the other was a headline:
Body Retrieved From River Bed.
The mind of the condemned killer:
“why can’t we”
and “I didn't want to die.”

Two lines enter,
make a poem,
however brief;
two poems about lines
cause the author/authors grief,
a dimension that exists only as a dream
i have yet to have.

Miracles retrieved from river bed
cautiously and, after several cocktails,
dance their way out.
Two lines enter her ears,
each from different directions.

Paul Vermeersch, Bryne Helen Lewis, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Leslie Ambedian, Amanda Earl, Christian Bök, Kathleen Betts, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Nadine Flagel, Andrew Topel, Linda Steer, Lauren Corman

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