Tuesday, July 13, 2010

G87 – Assertively Unimagine The

Assertively unimagine the
worst case scenario,
swallow hard the possibility forgotten

route to Paradise


the consequences,
time to enjoy the sin friends
you used to have
and the new bunch
who you will hate from now on

assertively unimagine the
legibility of this sentence,
the decisions you have made
and the ones yet to be made,
aggressive vocabulary
of the undesired
sign on an office door that says “no entry today”,

‘Imagination’ impossibility
of having imagined yourself
the Assyrian magi.

Bryne Helen Lewis, Gary Barwin, Jenny Hill, Linda Steer, Amanda Earl, Tom Cull, Papa Tee, Joseph Brown, Susan Barbour, Laura Nichols, Laurie Anne Fuhr, Catherine Heard, Keri Cronin, Rob Budde, Priscilla Brett, Ian Rae

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