Tuesday, July 6, 2010

#90 – Their fence made

It was now safe to put the horses out to pasture.
Their grass looked flat.
Sure, Messi and the Argentine –
doomed from the first.
Their fence made the grass look greener .

Their fence made
(on the other side)
him all the more curious
about the teen-aged girls
who lived in the house
(–– perhaps in the summer,
they’d sunbathe on the lawn).

Their fence made me realize
it was the first time
I had ever seen swine
pen themselves...
off with the neighbour's wife;

The police (off the grass)
... a huge gaffe ...
when he sold the stolen steed
to the undercover mounted police.

Their fence made it impossible
to catch any glimpse
into his neighbours' lives;
it was an impenetrable fortress
– 8 feet high and completely hiding their backyard –
with no gates or latticed arbours
through which to spy
on the mysterious family
next door their defence maid
there defenestrate
their deaf men's trade
defence men's aid.
Their fence made sense,
money by pawning
what the looters stole.

A wheelbarrow for the forlorn night stars,
their moat looks ridiculous –
itself a gateway to the stars at night:

a toothiness of night's gummy jaw
time difficult
the simulation complete.

Their french maid afraid
of white pickets and hot tin roofs
they had to lie on –
(Robert Frost, a great reputation,
no sense.)

– shadows that nearly strangled the heart
of money, the neighbours nervous.

Papa Tee, Pearl Pirie, Ted Betts, Joseph Brown, Catherine Heard, Bryne Helen Lewis, Priscilla Brett, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Lori D. Roadhouse Haney, Terry Trowbridge, Martin Aitkin, Christian Bök, Gary Barwin, Linda Steer, Rachel Goetzke, Laurie Anne Fuhr, Colleen Kett, Rob Budde, Larissa Lai, Amanda Earl, Nadine Flagel, Martin Glaz Serup, Andrew Topel, Meredith Quartermain, Lauren Corman

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