Thursday, July 22, 2010

G85 – Of the Army

Of the army of antics no one knows the truth.
We know nothing as they hide behind official secrets acts,
that they deserted and fled for the hills.

Fight only in times
when the talking's done.

My grandfather fights the Nazis back into Berlin,
the fruit flies that have invaded my kitchen this summer; pests.
Ants march on.

By the army, for the army, to the army
the army of text in my head, ready for war
of the army generally, he thought little.

Erotic thoughts,
the leggy, and the brindled state of the man I sing,
who, forced by fate, and haughty Juno's unrelenting hate,
expelled and exiled
of the army of armed poets.

Lillian Allen, Joseph Brown, Nick Trayner, Bryne Helen Lewis, Nikki Reimer, Andrew Topel, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Gary Barwin, Dennis Soron, Lillian Allen

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