Saturday, July 24, 2010

G84 – In the Face

Nuclear disaster, duck and cover may not cut it, in the face was where my ice cream cone was scrunched after my wife took umbrage, ogling, you'll find a wooden nose, a sculpture strangely like your mother, a mane that tells people to run an opening where words flow in and out of reason ignorance stands unrelenting‎, bouche or beaned from behind neither civil, of all that is, that was, will you be greater than those who have come before; or will your small light be swallowed by history's long shadow? A distant mirror of God he could not pretend any longer.

Catherine Heard, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Sarah Cunningham, Bryne Helen Lewis, Joseph Brown, Tom Cull, Pearl Pirie, Priscilla Brett, Jenny Hill, Laura Nichols

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