Friday, July 9, 2010

G89 – We pulled down

We pulled down the trap door so nobody else
would stumble upon our discovery.
We pulled down the moon with the hook of a star.
We pulled down the fence, and waited for the tear gas to fly.

We pulled down when putting up broke our hearts
and pushed up
our pants
with all of our might
realized we were stronger than we first thought.

We pulled down on what we couldn't push up,
pushed up what wouldn't pull down.
We pulled down a vise in the air gripped & swallowed us.
We pulled down the gravel road
after midnight
and the stars burned the sky with their warm welcome

We pulled down all the molecules that hold these words together
We pulled down the towers, felled the kings and found; we were lesser for it.
We pulled down the corners of our mouths, clown frown faces.
We pulled down the pullet's downy feathers.

Keri Cronin, Angela Carmella DeMuro, Lauren Corman, Carmel Purkis, Joseph Brown, Papa Tee, Laura Nichols, Laurie Anne Fuhr, Rachel Goetzke, Andrew Topel, Priscilla Brett, Bryne Helen Lewis, Nadine Flagel

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