Friday, January 7, 2011

35. Your Papers Delivered

by airplane, as a paper airplane tossed out a window

as an attachment you cannot open with existing software

the news I was fearing

babies from my frontal lobes

you dropped in the snowbank and cried “Hallelujah”

at the conference, well received

proof beyond disbelief

singing DNA fibrous

hush on fingertips, no prints dragged away

you read, I shivered!

Your tongue unlunged

beautiful wishes and ugly truths

to be filed away in the deepest recesses of the library

to degrade over fish and chips

Warren Dean Fulton, Susan Christian, Allison Sekular, Roland Provost, Brian Bartlett, Joseph Brown, Andréa Ledding, Pearl Pirie, Roger Hanna, Gary Barwin, Kristen Peterson, Catherine Heard, Kateri Lanthier

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