Sunday, January 23, 2011

27 – Global Empire Fantasies

Napoleon’s career abound

yet eludes them

expand until they explode

cuckoldry fantasies

whistle Dixie and shrink-wrap

every McHappy meal

don’t forget to say cheese

feel a chill in the shadow of Ozymadias,

penal vampire empathies

dreamed up by a media

a cartoon mouse

global empire fantasies

need victims

along with the moon and stars

empire fantasies have nothing, are fun,

only the shortsighted see

a deathstar – Wikileaks

global fantasies, colonial whoredom

the receding red of Queen Victoria’s lace

empires outlive their welcome

disintegrate from within

Nick Treanor, Alice Robinson, Jamie Reid, Tanis MacDonald, Tom Cull, Andréa Ledding, Kristen Peterson, Brian Bartlett, Rob Budde, Warren Dean Fulton, Nicolas Béaud, Todd Bruce, Amanda Earl, Gary Barwin, Priscilla Brett, Catherine Heard, Jacob Wren

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