Saturday, January 15, 2011

31 – Sell the Stories

sell the stories back

just don’t sell them out

we all know you plagiarized

they sell you

wag your tails

leave this place

or sell your soul

gift the poem

to the media

sell the stories to hell

all with the same ending

sell the stories but buy the truth

in the mall

give them away if you can

for a song

for your dinner

but stories like a commodity:

if bought then sold

charge no price

the market for short fiction has dwindled

hold fast the typesetter’s leaden bones

James Yeary, Lauren Corman, Joseph Brown, Jamie Reid, Andre Bouchard, Lesley Bell, Mike Bouchard, Kristen Peterson, Rob Budde, Cole Lewis, Terry Trowbridge, Gary Barwin, Brian Bartlett, Amanda Earl, Alice Robinson, Jim Andrews, Nicolas Béaud, Priscilla Brett, Catherine Heard

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