Wednesday, January 19, 2011

29 – By repeating your

by repeating your mistakes, you engender confidence

by repeating your name neatly on the first line

your mistakes eventually become expert

a deadly mantra repeating

repeating tremor an enigma of confidence

you speak percussively, repeating possession

by repeating your errors you establish traditions

by repeating your repeating you’re repeating your repeating

mistakes you’ll be successful at failure

by repeating your ripe torpidity

tall tales you become an urban legend

by repeating what Angela said

by repeating the choir of echolalia,

rehearsing syllables twice

repeating sounds, you establish your language

your echopraxia will march in step

your thank you thank you thank you troops

repeat myself

remember everything you say

in an unproductive way

overcome with the redone

go to bed go to bed go to bed go to bed

why are you out of bed?

I know

Catherine Heard, Bryne Helen Lewis, Vanessa Place, Andréa Ledding, Warren Dean Fulton, Linda Steer, Brian Bartlett, Gary Barwin, Natalee Caple, Angela Rawlings, Laurie Anne Fuhr, Rob Budde, Kateri Lanthier, Miekal And, Amanda Earl, Nicholas Béaud, Carmel Purkis, Kathleen Betts, Satu Kaikkonen, Priscilla Brett

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