Friday, January 21, 2011

28 – Build a career

demolish a life, swing the hammer, ride the pendulum

unfinish business

build a career three words at a time

on the lonely poets torn from prose

woven into plundered wonder

of bark and roses

from beer and cul de sacs

if you can draw this mouse

a gift from god

brick by brick

without ever having to learn


watch new technology wipe out jobs

build a career by careening and careering

but don’t become it, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow,

a castle of dreams, sharing the treasure.

Promise not to wake up.

Build a fear out of passion and risk.

Build a career – win valuable prizes!

(batteries not included)

build a career and buy gold

build a career wreck a life

build a career careening into buildings

build a career and create a life

build a career if you have no life

or ride a blue arc

Andréa Ledding, Gary Barwin, Priscilla Brett, Linda Steer, Rob Budde, Vanessa Place, Miekal And, Catherine Heard, Jamie Reid, Warren Dean Fulton, Nick Treanor, Kateri Lanthier, Todd Bruce, Brian Bartlett, Kathleen Betts, Jordan Fry, Susan Christian, Carmen Racovitza, Christian Bök, Ralph Kolewe, Joseph Brown, Natalee Caple, Andrew Topel, Laura Nichols, Amanda Earl, Joan Guenther

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