Saturday, January 8, 2011

33. Ads are Sold

Ads are sold and yet

no one buys their content

the rest

by the line,

out wherever books are sold

never mind

ads are sold, sad roles

skin tags, mad men

so old

they exist by Agate lines

so real

limited time offers

Helvitica bold, cold

but we buy them

level wonderful feeling

mouthwash consumers are bought

proclaiming how mild and flavourful Camels are

your happiness depends on doubting your female hygiene

your nerves are not made of steel

you wonder how your body can stand

Amanda Earl, Jacob Wren, Warren Dean Fulton, Carmen Racovitza, Holden Levack, Laurie Damon Boese, Andrew Waldie Porteus, Andrew Topel, Lynn McClory, Bryne Helen Lewis, Kateri Lanthier, Nicholas Béaud, Joan Guenther, Andréa Ledding, Lauren Corman, Kristen Peterson, Brian Bartlett, Gary Barwin, Catherine Heard

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