Sunday, January 23, 2011

26 – A story of

A story of a stubborn donkey who sat down at the gates of the city.

A story of who became you.

A story of perogies and betrayal.

A story of this from Casey: Daddy and the butterfly.

A story from Imogen: a story that is too shaky and wiggly to tell.

A story of random places, the unknown spaces out of time.

A story of deep repurcussions.

A story of a marmoset, an ice scraper and the love shared with a toilet bowl brush.

A story of communist artists in skirts.

A story of gargantuan proportions.

o stay for a story of

a story of heroics, a mad man and a chimpanzee, humanity, short and disappointing.

A story of the birth of a narration.

A story of no consequence to you perhaps but it altered my life forever…

A story of indescribable brevity. The end.

A story of the world shakes off its parasites when they become too noxious.

A story of poets who gave their all. Posting on Gregory’s facebook wall.

A story of no it doesn’t. It puts them in charge.

A story of outlandish proportions.

Brian Bartlett, Natalee Caple, Tanis MacDonald, Satu Kaikkonen, Kees Kapteyn, Pearl Pirie, Susan Christian, Kristen Peterson, Joan Guenther, Priscilla Brett, Gary Barwin, Jamie Reid, Todd Bruce, Carmen Racovitza, Mike Hargrove, Andréa Ledding, Jessa Hargrove, Catherine Heard

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