Wednesday, January 26, 2011

24 – Interviews to Tell

interviews to tell the faint-of-heart from the worthy

the heroes from the villains

who did what when

while avoiding the whys and the world

will now the public misinform the powerful

regarding their imminent irrelevance?

interviews tell

interspeech to show

inner views

views too tall

the technology of the other

the remainder of oneself

the receptacle of becoming

to tell it like it isn’t

the longest yarns

water and coinless

tell less than was asked

more than we wanted to know

where the tales

lies in whispered radios

cover darkness

the inter’s tale

the iron maiden’s embrace

the first time I read what will not be heard

how writers will tell

what the interviewer puts the interviewee’s mouth

a robot by choice and circumstance

by the way, the non-believer will rot in hell

interviews to tell the loveliest written

in the midst of an alphabet

embarrassing outcomes tell all

tell where to find lies

Paul Vermeersch, Warren Dean Fulton, Jamie Reid, Jacob Wren, Angela Rawlings, Andrew Topel, Lynn McClory, Todd Bruce, Kristen Peterson, Amanda Earl, Andréa Ledding, Gary Barwin, Priscilla Brett, Catherine Heard, Nicolas Béaud, Joan Guenther, Brian Bartlett, John Bonomo, Joseph Brown, Karl Jirgens, Warren Dean Fulton, Tanis MacDonald, Natalee Caple, Richard Rathwell

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